Income Replacement Plans

It is important to think of how difficult it would be for you and your family to manage your monthly expenses in addition to any extra costs related to medical treatment in case you were to become seriously ill or injured due to an accident.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance offers financial support during life-altering illnesses such as cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. Upon diagnosis, you will receive a lump sum amount of money that you can use at your discretion so that you can focus on your recovery and not on your bills.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance provides you with a monthly benefit to replace your income when you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. This will allow you to focus on a stress-free recovery without having to change your current standard of living.

Critical Illness Insurance
  • Receive a lump-sum payment of the full insured amount
  • Cover any additional costs incurred due to the illness (ex. In-home nurse, medical equipment, in-home modifications)
  • Choose any Insurance amount that you wish
  • Covers over 25 illnesses
  • Flexibility to travel abroad to receive immediate medical attention
  • Replace your regular income
  • Allows you to focus on a stress-free recovery
  • Protects your family from the loss of your regular income
  • Provides a tax-free benefits
  • Covers your business overhead expenses until you recover
Disability Insurance
  • Receive a monthly benefit while you are unable to work
  • Maintain your current lifestyle and standard of living
  • Monthly benefit based on your current income
  • Covers illnesses as well as injuries caused by an accident

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