Success Stories

Thanks again Sunil. Really appreciate your help … especially since you had guests & I called beyond human hours.
Vigyan Seth

Dear Sunil,

Thanks for the email.
You have truly taken care of all my insurance needs and I respect you for the thorough analysis and management on my life heath-care risk vis-à-vis needs in achieving a matching balance. Looking forward to providing you with more business in the future.

Kind Regards
Anand Soukur

I am thankful to WholeLife Financial for providing a phenomenal service. All my answers were promptly answered and I was provided a solution that was based on my needs. I found transacting with you guys was transparent and easy to work with. Wholelife financial can be trusted and I would definitely recommend you guys.

Tanmay Mathur

Hi Sunil

I just want to say that I was very impressed with your latest April client bulletin which I read just now.  Really it is very informative and it proves that you are a thorough professional and you know what you are writing or talking about.

I always enjoy reading your client bulletins. We spoke briefly before but could not take our conversation forward due to some unavoidable reasons.

Keep it up and hope very soon we will talk again.
Younus Quraishi

Thank you Sunil for all your help. You are a wonderful person and very professional. It is to express my gratitude and appreciation of your professional, accountable, considerate and prompt execution with excellence, treating each claim, each client as equally important.
Deepa Iyer

Mr. Sunil Bhushan has been providing me with seamless Financial Planning Advice for over 8 years now. Owing to his apt advice and great service, I further requested him to lend his expertise for Investments and Wills that I wanted to get started on, in addition to my Insurance policy which I got through him.

Not only does he provides me with the right solutions each time, but he also follows up on a regular basis. He arranges meetings for any changes that might be recommended with the years and changes in my lifestyle.

I’m very thankful to have found the right person at the time I needed it.
Tarun Anand

This letter confirms that I have known Mr. Sunil Bhushan for over 10 years. He has been providing advice on financial planning as well as on various Insurance products.

I obtained my life Insurance as well as my sons life Insurance through him and on a regular basis I take his advice and his opinion on different kinds of investments. He also advised me on incorporating our Wills. We have been meeting each year on a regular basis to review the products he has solicited for us.

I would like to document that Sunil is an accomplished professional who has a very candid and dedicated approach in his dealings. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of business and has provided us with financial advice from time to time. He is reachable and friendly in his approach and I look forward to working with him on our financial portfolio with respect to our current needs as well as our future needs.
Yours Truly,
Nillia Lal

I have used Sunil's advise on planning and Insurance products quite a few times and every time I have found him to be very knowledgeable and his "Not here to sell" approach makes it very easy to work with. I trust him absolutely for his advice. I would recommend Sunil to anyone looking for a trust-worthy source for their Insurance needs.
Mohit Grover
CEO ESimplified Inc.

Sunil Ji is a trustworthly person who provides unusual Insurance and financial products with an ease using his tremendous personal touch. A very easy to get along with person with great knowledge and experience in management, Insurance and financial fields. A thorough professional who has achieved success with his hard work and intelligence. I wish him all the very best in life!!!!!!!!!!
Shalini Dixit
Producer/ RJ Radio SHON, SHON Express

It was great to know about Mr. Sunil Bhushan of Whole life financial services through radio and other media advertisements. We have taken our family Insurance many years ago but thought of reviewing it with another professional and called Sunil. He promptly responded to our request and visited our home to review various policies as well as other financial investments. He is very knowledgeable in the field and guided us to make right move at the right time. Though there are many professionals working in the field, Mr. Bhushan‘s knowledgeable service is a matter of self experience and we are wishing him all the best for his profession. We strongly suggest taking advice from Mr. Sunil Bhushan of Wholelife Financial Services before making any financial investments move.
Deepak Kansara

In the past l have done lots business as a client with different Insurance agents but l was not getting good information or the proper advise that l was looking for till l met Sunil Bhushan from Wholelife Financial Services. l have experienced that l have gained a lot of knowledge on different types of financial goals and also at the same time the right type of life Insurance to protect my family. l have known Sunil Bhushan for about five years now and l will highly recommend to anyone seeking for proper Insurance.
Hemant Kosmadia

Sunil is a certified professional in the financial industry and is genuinely interested in his client’s financial well being. He sells the product with a “difference” which provides peace of mind and change in his client’s financial status. Sunil exemplifies professionalism when he guides his clients through different options. He spends adequate quality time probing to understand his client’s needs before recommending any solutions. Through these qualities, Sunil has created a ‘niche’ for himself in the Financial marketplace.
Gulamabbas Hussainbhoy

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