Life Insurance Retirement Income plan

When you invest in a Life Insurance Retirement Income plan (Participating Whole Life insurance), you benefit from a guaranteed death benefit, cash values and premiums.

Whole Life insurance offers stability and long term financial protection.

In addition to providing you with a consistent retirement income it is designed to cover your permanent insurance needs such as :
  • Having access to the surrender value of your contract to supplement your retirement income or to meet other financial goals
  • Grow the value of your wealth to be transferred to your heirs
  • Protect the growth in the value of your business
As long as your policy is in force, the cash value accumulates year after year. It's a real asset with real value that can protect you and your family.

A portion of the premiums for participating whole life insurance policies are deposited in the participating account. The majority of the participating account is invested in bonds, cash and cash equivalents to help ensure the long term stability of returns. Each year, a portion of the earnings from the participating account are distributed to policy owners as dividends.

A participating life insurance policy is the finest financial instrument ever devised:
  • It can be used to provide a secure retirement
  • It lasts until you die
  • It is tax sheltered
  • It is portable
  • It is guaranteed
  • It contains cash values that can be used for emergencies
  • When the stock market goes down, the cash values still go up
  • It's yours, no one can take it away from you

This product is designed to help you build a wealthy future by investing in liquidity, growth and security.

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